The Nordic MICE Summit 

  1. ”I really wanted to congratulate you for organizing such a great event, it was well planned , efficient , valuable and very interesting with great contacts and very fruitful . Both pre and post tour were complimentary, very different and I learnt a lot from those destinations . I will definitely recommend your next event it to my friends in the trade next year”
  2. "I know that it is a hard work to operate with hosted buyers from more than 10 destinations :). To be honest I enjoyed every single moment of stay in Malmoe and Copenhagen, I noted very high level of workshop (venue and organization, format of workshop, activities and lunches), and I had more than 20 appointments during 2 working days".
  3. “The concept of speed meetings was perfect - everyone had to cut straight to the chase and improvise, instead of relying on boring long presentations. Moving around also redused the amounts of brochures and give aways handed out from tables, esentially creating an envionmentally friendly meeting concept”
  4. ”I would like to express my gratitude and to send my mega-thanks to all organizers of Nordic MICE Summit for so very well done Forum, it was a great possibility to see the new destinations and venues, to meet new partners and colleagues and to enjoy our stay in Sweden and Denmark ! “Much respect,
  5. ”Very well organized summit/workshop and I love the new concept!”
  6. ”You did a great job, thank you very much. I look forward to the next edition in 2019”
  7. ”The Nordic MICE Summit is a great initiative and every buyer & seller doing business in or with the Nordic region can benefit from attending. I commend the organizers for their attention to detail and ensuring everyone felt welcomed. Looking forward to 2019”
  8. ”Such a well-organized and interesting new concept! Loved the whole time and the familiar, relaxed and fruitful atmosphere”
  9. ”It was a very well organized workshop, with a professional and agreeable team which they created a distended and cordial atmosphere”

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The Nordic MICE Summit 2020